Tom Maslen

UX Developer, Tech Writer,
Software Engineer & Tech Lead

About Tom

A professional facebook liker web person with over 15 years experience in the industry. Career highlights include:

Works in London, lives in Corby, spends too much time on the train. Will line manage, code, talk or write about web stuff for £s and fun.

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Side Project Highlights


A website and newsletter that makes it easier to keep up with the frontend dev community on Twitter. Using NodeJS running on AWS, it currently keeps watch on a list of the top 100 frontend developers and sends you an email of the most interesting links.


A JavaScript regex helper I built to help me to better understand and assist me when making writing regexs. Its a JavaScript version of rubular.com, a Ruby regex helper.


This is (yet another) flat website templating system (think Hammer, jekyll) that allows you to use templates with static websites. The USP to this one is that you can output multiple language variants of your site. Published to npm, you can quickly add it into any Grunt based workflow.

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Recent career

Acting Dev Lead, BBC News

October 2015 - May 2016


Temporarily responsible for co-ordinating recruitment, best working practices and maintaining a large codebase between 5 development teams. I did this role alongside my Tech Lead responsibilities to backfill the engineering manager's vacancy. This included:

  • Improving the recruitment process for the entire department.
  • Setting up and running working groups to improve communication and working practices between teams.
  • Running monthly departmental meetings for developers.
  • Coordinating developer resource between teams.
  • Mentoring other tech leads.
  • Consulting News management on all technical concerns.

Tech Lead, BBC News Visual Journalism

July 2012 - present


Responsible for the technical direction and line management (10 developers) of the Visual Journalism team within BBC News. Duties include:

  • Running the department trainee scheme: advertise, interview, hire and integrate 6 trainee web developers (university students on work experience year) into multiple teams each year.
  • Lead a development team of software engineers to provide online tools that allow journalists to create charts and other formats for the BBC website, BBC News app and social media.
  • Liaise with editorial and design staff to come up with ideas and technical implementations for original, interactive visual journalism.
  • Mentor a large team of developers to improve development workflow and help them progress their careers.
  • Provide technical expert consultation to the rest of the BBC in management meetings, running research projects and technical writing.
  • But also (most importantly) still complete visual journalism projects myself ☺.

My team creates unique visual journalism, from data driven infographics (NHS Winter), interactive page components (clickable guides, The Last Dornier Bomber), charts (Syria's Refugee Exodus), maps (Election 2015: The political battleground, Primary league tables: Regional picture), long form (The Lost Sons), quizzes (Quiz of the year: Who said that?) and other original online journalism (2014 Budget Calculator, Common Weath Games Calculator).

Key achievements

  • Efficiently scaled up development resources for the department via the trainee scheme.
  • Migrated team onto AWS.
  • Increased the BBC editorial staff's ability to produce visual journalism via online tooling.
  • Improved the business' ability to syndicate content by creating a technique to make iframes responsive.
  • Massively simplified the team's ability to produce multilingual content by creating grunt-multi-lang-site-generator.

Skills used

  • AWS: EC2 provisioning and running, ELB, CloudFormation, IAM, S3, SES and CloudWatch.
  • Advanced JavaScript (AMD, jQuery, backbone.js, lodash.js, D3.js, Google JSAPI).
  • Responsive Web Design (mobile first CSS, CSS3, HTML5, Sass).
  • Server side programming using PHP (Zend and phpUnit), NodeJS and Ruby.
  • Command line tooling and infrastructure with Git, Docker, Grunt.js, VirtualBox, Vagrant and Hudson.
  • Professional development process using TTD, BDD, phpUnit, Jasmine.js, Sinon.js, Cucumber and Wraith (for automated visual regression testing).

Senior Web Developer, BBC News

March 2011 – July 2012, London


JavaScript specialist in a large team, focused on developing the client side strategy for all future BBC News products. Duties also included:

  • Using BDD and TDD development techniques, created modular, testable object oriented PHP and AMD JavaScript to a very high industrial standard.
  • Helped to develop a test suite written in Ruby.
  • Recruited other team members.
  • Mentored junior members of BBC News teams via code reviews and pair programming.
  • Worked in a mixed discipline (developers, testers and designers) team using agile methodology.


  • Re-launched BBC News online, creating a code base using responsive design principles.
  • Helped our industry to define how to implement responsive web design by talking at conferences and blogging about performance and browser support.
  • Created a new technique using progressive enhancement to support every web browser on all devices: Cutting the mustard

Skills used

  • Advanced JavaScript (AMD, jQuery)
  • Responsive Web Design (mobile first CSS, CSS3, HTML5, Sass)
  • Server side programming using PHP (Zend and phpUnit) and Ruby
  • Command line tooling and infrastructure with Git, Grunt.js, Virtual Box, Vagrant and Hudson
  • Professional development process using TTD, BDD, phpUnit, Jasmine.js, Sinon.js and Cucumber

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